Sunday School Opportunities

All Sunday School classes gather together at 9:30 am on Sunday mornings
in the Sanctuary.  The children sing, we hear what’s going on in the
church (announcements), recognize birthdays and anniversaries and then we are off!
Classes end about 15 minutes prior to the beginning of morning Worship.

We  separate into a variety of classes.
We have classes for really young, really old and anyone in between!  We are so fortunate to have teachers that are experienced in teaching and who love to teach.

Nursery class – Vicki Wickard
Mrs. Vicki is our pastor’s wife.  She teaches our young ones from birth until they are ready for the preschool class.  Mrs. Vicki spends time reading or telling the children the stories of the Bible.  After story time they get to play together.  This is where the friendships begin.

Preschool and early school class – Marie Frye
Marie has taught just about every one in the church who is under the age of 35.  It’s in Marie’s class that the children begin to understand church manners.  It’s also the place they have an opportunity to practice their newly learned reading skills by reading from the Bible and also reading their lesson out loud.  Learning about Jesus begins to pick up momentum here!

Preteens – Kimberly Rumsmoke
Preteens are such a great group of kids and Mrs. Kim knows just what to do to help them grow up knowing about God.  They learn so quick and have so many questions!  Mrs. Kim’s gentle spirit just draws these “almost teenagers” to her.

               Young Teens – Lafonda Gunter
Lafonda is an experienced Sunday School teacher. Her class provides a place where the younger teens can learn about the Lord on their terms.

Teens – JoAnne Justis
This class is a perfect place for teens to learn about current  topics. The topics are discussed with the scriptures as a foundation and then applied to life situations.

Adults – Gail Adams  and Desi Justis
The adult class is a classic.  It’s the class you can count on to teach you how God’s word applies to every situation in your life.  Both teachers have experience teaching.  One is a Bible College graduate and the other has taught in high school and college and is one of the associate pastors of the church.

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